Dakota Hawk Almost Ready to Fly

The Dakota Hawk N280DH- is almost ready to fly.

The 0-200 overhauled engine is now running

THANKS – CHAMPION AEROSPACE and SLICK MAGS, MARVEL SCHEBLER, B&C, SKYTEC, AIRCRAFT SPECIALTY SERVICES, WESTSTAR EAA CHAPTER 800, THE KEBLER FAMILY, COLORADO AIRPARTS, AND ALL THE OTHERS that helped bring this engine back to life. Now we can taxi the airplane back and forth to the build hanger (weather permitting). We have started working extra week days and with the schools in our area finished the kids are able to work extra days. Anthony is painting the last of the hawk parts and bottom cowl. John and Josiah have finished the engine baffle. The PAC prop is on and the weight and balance has been performed.

MATCO Inc. donated a modification of our existing 6 inch solid tail wheel tire and made it a wide 8 inch tire with a tube. This mod gained about 4 pounds on the tail and is awesome. THANKS MATCO! This airplane features all MATCO LANDING gear and brake parts including their parking brake and copilots brakes. Even with this heaver tire and the ELT in the tail we are still adding about 7 pounds of weight to the tail. With all the repairs and the added systems the airplane’s empty weight came out at about the same empty weight as the original 756 pounds. We are adding 7 pounds of lead in the tail so a 125 pound pilot can fly it without adding baggage weight to keep the airplane in CG. A 200 pound pilot puts the airplane at forward CG as it sets but for our lightweight kids to fly it solo we need the extra weight. The airplane will fly to Oshkosh.

Jun 27, 2015 Build Report

Another build day bites the dust! The airplane is starting to look like an airplane. This week there was a definite lack of kids- Josiah and Anthony were it. Its vacation time and warm so most of the young builders families have other endeavors like barbecues, weddings, fishing or just enjoying being warm and dry and just goofing off.

John W and Josiah installed the engine mount permanently. They spent a lot of time trying to figure out torque values for the bolts. 4313 does not address torque values for wood structures. After much searching on the internet by myself and Jerry F no real way was found to access what to torque the mount bolts as to not crush the wood. Pat W and Ken P worked on installing the tail feathers. Again how tight is tight enough on wood? Standard torque values will crush the wood. Interestingly after much searching we found Composite torque values in the Cirrus maintenance Manuel and they are about half the normal published torque values. even the Hawk build Manuel’s we have do not address this that we could find.  I started calling around and as usual Don Coleman has the answer and also confirmed what we found- nothing published even he could find. INTERESTING!. Anyway here is the answer per the pro Don C.- with AN hardware Snug the nut up. then on soft material (which is what we have on the tail) add 1/2 turn. On hard wood (our mount) add one full turn. The old way of tightening bolts to max and leaving off the 1/2 turn before you strip it is definitely out on wood – it just keeps crushing! Armed with this info the tail ins on. Josiah, Anthony, Pat and Ken P got er done. The mount is also installed with no innocent wood damaged in the process.

(As a side note when Tres brought his Pietenpol out to our dry climate from California all the bolts and nuts became slightly loose, When he went home they tightened right back up. according to Tres Composites also do this, that is one of the reasons for white or light colors on composites. Even on metal airplanes the cables tensions vary with temperature but not so much with moisture).

While the airplane was being properly( I hope) put together Bill Derose, John C, Anthony and I worked on the engine. Everything went smoothly until the last clamps on the push rod tubes were being installed by yours truly. A new – and I quote – new clamp decided to fail (with a loud snap) when compressed ( with the proper tool) to install it. and as usual it was on the last cylinder installed and 2nd from last clamp to install. (Murphy). So we had to loosen the cylinder to install a new clamp, When Brian brings one back from Colorado airparts.

I will be flying balloons in Provo this weekend for the Freedom Festival, so i will not be in the hanger. I have check in Wednesday 2-6 in Provo, so will not get anything done with regard to the HAWK or the Mooney. (I would rather stay here but have flown Provo for the past 31 years). I will be back Sunday because there are no flights on the sabbath due to it being Utah.

There is plenty of work to be done even without me. The baffling can be trial fit on the engine. The control installation can proceed. Hopefully Rodger will have his work of art finished (the beautiful carbon fiber instrument panel), and it can be put together. The wiring can be installed etc.

Anyway the build continues- Sorry for no pictures as my finger could not remember to find the shutter button.

Jun 14, 2015 Correspondence

On Sun, Jun 14, 2015 at 1:34 PM, Roy Evarts wrote:

Hey Eddie,

Thats really great news.    I am so impressed with whats going  on.   Any idea about the weight issue?   Not that the 0200 won’t solve a lot of that for you.
All the best,
The original airplane weighed 740 pounds. with all the changes who knows but I have cut weight everywhere I could. I am hoping we gain less than 50 pounds. We gained weight with the gear mods. We lost weight when we moved the battery forward. I do not know what it had for accessories before, but I am making sure to use everything light weight. The slick mags alone weigh more than 3 pounds less than Bendix mags. We should be able to weigh it in the next few weeks and then we will know if it is a boat anchor. It will still be a lot less than a 150 at about 1000 lbs and has the same power.

Jun 12, 2015 Build Report

We are getting closer to having a flying airplane. The number of young eagles has jumped dramatically and funding is doing much better. Champion Aerospace donated a mag kit, Sky Tech a Starter, and the engine is almost together. The airplane is looking good. So we now need a propeller. WestStar Aviation donated funds to purchase one some time ago, so now I need to get delivery info and final cost. We now have 501C3 non-profit status from the IRS for the Hawk Society so we can give “in kind” donation letters for donations. We now have over 30 members. I need to set up a meeting at Oshkosh with Mr David.  I will be there with my son Tres and the Rutan Boomerang. One of our member’s is Don Coleman the chief antique judge at Oshkosh. Our airport manager Ladd Klingelsmith has been invited to fly the STOL competition demo in his Carbon Cub. We are also working to have several of our young people at Oshkosh. We are trying to have the Hawk at Oshkosh but there is still lots to do.

May 21, 2015 Build Report

May 21, 2015 Build Report  The belly is paintedTHE BELLY IS PAINTED- Anthony, John C and John W came out for the afternoon. I quit working on the Mooney and worked with Anthony to get the belly painted. After a little instruction on how to work a paint gun and how to paint I turned him loose with the gun. This fine young man did an awesome job for his first time ever of painting with an HVLP gun . I have seen professionals not do as good a job. It takes a lot to impress me but he did it. He laid the paint on like he had done it all his life. He left before the revel but I know even he would have been surprised. Now we can remove the paint booth and continue with the assembly of the Hawk- another hurdle done.

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