Jun 14, 2015 Correspondence

On Sun, Jun 14, 2015 at 1:34 PM, Roy Evarts wrote:

Hey Eddie,

Thats really great news.    I am so impressed with whats going  on.   Any idea about the weight issue?   Not that the 0200 won’t solve a lot of that for you.
All the best,
The original airplane weighed 740 pounds. with all the changes who knows but I have cut weight everywhere I could. I am hoping we gain less than 50 pounds. We gained weight with the gear mods. We lost weight when we moved the battery forward. I do not know what it had for accessories before, but I am making sure to use everything light weight. The slick mags alone weigh more than 3 pounds less than Bendix mags. We should be able to weigh it in the next few weeks and then we will know if it is a boat anchor. It will still be a lot less than a 150 at about 1000 lbs and has the same power.