Annual Meeting and Saturday Workshops
on COVID-19 Hold

Annual Meeting and Workshops on COVID-19 Hold: HAWK Aviators
HAWK Aviators
The High-Country Aviation Workshop for Kids Leadership has decided to postpone our Annual Members Meeting and election of officers until this Spring. This is due to the continuing Covid- 19 restrictions. We are tentatively planning to meet sometime within the month of April. This should benefit us with some warmer weather and give us the opportunity to open up the Hangar doors for the meeting, and have an open air experience.on COVID-19 Hold

In anticipation of our upcoming Annual Members meeting, remember that in order to be eligible to vote, each member must be paid up with their dues, so they are in good standing.

The membership dues are $ 35.00 per year for adults 18 and over
reduced to $ 25.00 per year for active EAA members
$ 10.00 per year for youth members
They can be sent to this address: P.O. Box 321 Loma, CO. 81524

The opening of the regular, formal HAWK programs for youth have also been postponed until the beginning of March, 2021, due to Mesa county health department recommendations. We anticipate making an updated announcement around the middle of February giving more exact details about re-opening our program. We want to thank all of our members for their support during this past year and are very much looking forward to this new year.

Thanks again,

Bruce Erickson, Secretary